Robert Quimby

Professor of Astronomy, SDSU
Director, Mount Laguna Observatory
Astronomical Techniques (ASTR 350 and ASTR 680)

ASTR 350 is designed to prepare advanced undergraduate students for their senior thesis research projects. We begin with an introduction to Unix, Python programming, and basic statistics. We then begin applying these tools to tackle research-style projects in astronomy.

ASTR 680 course is a graduate level introduction to astronomical research techniques with an emphasis on developing Python code to analyze astronomical data.

Some of the tutorials used in these courses are available at this GitHub repo.

You can also try out my CCD Readout Demonstrator, which shows how charges accumulate on a CCD detector and how they can be moved around and measured.

Time-Lapse Astronomy Videos

I have a number of educational videos posted to Youtube that are based on data (images) taken at the Mount Laguna Observatory, including the demonstrations of the Solar Analemma and the seasonal changes where the Sun sets on the horizion shown below.